Portfolio Management

RhumbLine manages a broad spectrum of passive strategies in both separate client accounts and pooled funds. Our investment team uses modern quantitative tools to manage passive portfolios that closely track any of the standard indexes our institutional investors may choose. We also create customized indexes and portfolios that track those indexes to meet client needs. For many clients we incorporate lists of companies they wish to exclude from portfolios while still seeking to track the unrestricted index.

In addition to managing pension, defined contribution and endowment non-taxable portfolios, these quantitative tools also allow us to effectively manage taxable portfolios. For those portfolios we have the capability to minimize realized gains as well as harvesting gains or losses as needed.

Lastly, RhumbLine offers an enhanced index product, RhumbLine Advisers Multi-Factor Strategy, that seeks to deliver returns that exceed an index while maintaining the same overall characteristics and risk level of the index.

Please note that RhumbLine does not utilize securities lending in any of its commingled index products.

Index Strategies

Investment Process

All of RhumbLine's products are index-based and customized index-based strategies designed to match the risk and return characteristics of specific benchmarks. Our investment team applies quantitative techniques and computer expertise to track the performance of published indexes and to customize unique passive products that meet the investment needs of each client.

The RhumbLine investment team closely monitors client portfolios on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with client investment requirements. Our securities trading process is designed to control trading costs, as well as meet the unique trading requirements of each client.